Mobile Business Broadband is a real necessity for the busy business person on the go.

PremTel are proud to offer the brilliant Optus VERY FAST 4G mobile network. Real world speeds for internet and email on your smart portable device.

Assuming that you have a compatible 4G or 3G device, you can access 4G or 3G Mobile services throughout the continually expanding Fast Optus Network, be it down town or out of town.  3G and/or 4G coverage provides Australians with access to high quality 4G and 3G services across Australia.

MBB is best utilised via a wifi modem, single point USB modem or by simply inserting a SIM card into the compatible tablet-type device. We are here to assist you with real options.

So enjoy the freedom that PremTel Mobile Broadbnd brings with mobile data, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email, apps, and internet blogging – all available in more places than ever galaxy tab 10 1

PremTel Mobile Broadband, on the very fast Optus mobile network is designed to provide great access for busy business users.

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VERY FAST 4G HERO MBB Mobile Broadband Plans

 4G Hero MBB

  • There is NO Fixed Term Contract on these plans, but there is a $99 admin fee to cancel or downgrade a plan
  • There is NO charge to increase the plan at any time
  • 1GB = 1024Mb = 1024kb
  • Data is charged on a per Kb basis
  • Excess data is charged at 4c per Mb
  • Both Uploads and Downloads count towards the Included Usage
  • Data usage includes domestic data usage only, and does not include data used while Internationally roaming outside of Australia
  • All Plans are the minimum commitment for each MBB service. For example, $30 plan, the minimum commitment is $30 per month
  • The PremTel 4G HERO MBB plans include data only. SMS is charged at 25c per SMS
  • There is no modem/dongle/wifi device included in these "No Fixed Term" MBB Plans
  • The PremTel 4G HERO MBB mobile Broadband Plans utilise the VERY FAST Optus 4G mobile Network and reverts to the fast 3G network if 4G is not available
  • Your compatible device (laptop) should be runing Microsoft Windows 2000, Vista, XP, 7 or 8 to connect to this service. Mac OS is not supported.
  • Fair Use Policy applies and plans may be withdrawn at any time without notice. All rates are including GST

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