"Mobility" is the key to being competitive in today's market.

Is your office in your car, in your SOHO location, or if you have multiple offices that operate in different time zones across our great land, Australia?

PremTel has mobile solutions that will suit your business needs with Wireless Broadband, 1300/1800 numbers that answer anywhere in Australia on fixed or mobile phones, PLUS great rates and plans for your fleet mobile phones for your road warriors that rarely go to the office. Mobile Business Capped Plans

Our PremTel mobile phone plans have loads of data included to meet your ever demanding needs to pick up emails and browse the web on the go.

PremTel Wireless Mobile Broadband (MBB-Mobile Business Broadband) plans have huge download and upload inclusions, so you never need to worry about your data usage again.

Need LOADS of FAST 4G data on yor wireless "dongle" modem to your laptop or tablet? Check out the Mobile Data Broadband Plans now. Contact us.

Refreshing communication on the go...