Fixed Wire Conventional Phone Lines, IP/SIP Phone Lines, 3G/4G Smart Phones and Business Data Solutions come in various forms and can be confusing when first required.

The key to all telecommunications, is to ask the RIGHT questions,
hence to receive the right solutions.
PremTel is all about SOLUTIONS, not just selling you a "plan"

Today, data is so critical to the sustainability of your business. Often your operation may be mission-critical, fully dependent on the reliability of your data solution.

PremTel would suggest to consider the following forms of data to your office and also between your offices:

  • Fixed Wire over copper cable NBN and ADSL2+PABX Handset
  • Fixed wire over copper cable, Ethernet
  • Fibre into your premises - may also be called a form of SHDSL
  • Fixed Wireless via dish or microwave
  • Mobile Business Broadband via the mobile 3G/4G/NBN network

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