PremTel has a range of Internet Broadband data solutions providing a complete communications platform for both standard and premium business grade connections.

ADSL 2+ provides  super fast Broadband to the widest geographical area. It is recommended to use this option if you are able and cost is the primary consideration.

Our PremTel ADSL is generally very quick to install, generally within a few days from the time that you submit your signed application to one of our friendly staff or agents. No fuss and great support from another Australian, based in Australia.

Business Grade NBN and DSL with Static IP


 ·  LIGHTNING PRO PremTel Broadband is on the Premium PremTel network with greater integrity, higher throughput and faster browsing.
·  LIGHTNING PRO PremTel Broadband is suitable for Voice over the internet (VoIP) and Cloud-Based applications.
·  LIGHTNING PRO Broadband Plans are only available on a 24 month contract.
·  A one-off setup fee of $99 inc GST applies on all LIGHTNING PRO Broadband Plans.
·  The Line Speed shown is a theoretical maximum achievable speed on your chosen plan and is site-dependent.
·  An Early Termination Fee of $199 Inc GST will apply if your LIGHTNING PRO Broadband Plan is terminated under 24 months.
·  This service is provided with a Static IP address as standard and is included in the price.
 ·  Unlimited Plans are subject to our fair use policy.

This product is suitable for VoIP (Voice-Over-Internet), SIP trunks and Cloud-Based Hosted Phone System applications.

Please Contact Us to discuss these great offers and more detail on these plans or to ask about Business Grade DSL and NBN Rate Sheets.