PremTel mobile plans for your business give you massive included value on the 4G network. 

PremTel 4G HERO PLUS Mobile Phone Plans with HUGE amount of Calls, SMS, MMS and Data, how refreshing

PremTel 4G HERO PLUS Heading 4G HERO PLUS Rates

"Included Calls" Means - Mobile to Australian Mobile, Mobile to Australian Fixed Lines, Video Calls in Australia, Calls to 13,1300,1800 numbers and also surepage. All other call types are excluded from the "included calls". Calls made whilst internationally roaming outside Australia are not included.

  • There is NO Fixed Term Contract on these plans, but there is a $99 admin fee to cancel or downgrade a plan. There is no charge to increase the plan at any time.
  • The PremTel 4G HERO PLUS Mobile Plans utilise the Very Fast Optus 4G Mobile Network and revert to Fast 3G network if 4G is not available
  • Calls are Charged in 1 min blocks 
  • Flag Fall is FREE for standard calls made to an Australian number
  • All Voicemail is FREE
  • All Plans are the minimum commitment for each Mobile Service,e.g. $35 Plan, the Minimum Commitment is $35 per month
  • Once the Included Value Limits are reached then the standard rate applies
  • Excess SMS Rate for all plans is 25c per SMS and excess MMS is 55c per MMS
  • Excess Data is 3c per Mb, charged per Kb.
  • Included Data Usage only applies to Domestic Data Usage, and excludes Data used while Internationally Roaming.
  • 3000 Included SMS and MMS are included in addition to "included minutes"
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Refreshing mobile plans from PremTel...Wow, that is Refreshing