SIP Voice trunk phone lines extend your phone "lines" so that you can have 100s of concurrent calls over your broadband connection at a Reduced rate with QoS (Quality of Service). This can be with or without a Hosted, Cloud-Based Phone System. VoIP is the future of office phone lines.

PremTel offers your business a superior voice solution which enables you to make 100s of calls, at the same time, over your broadband internet connection. SIP Trunking simplifies account management with a single bill for your phone and internet, reducing monthly line rental costs as you only pay for the lines or channels you use and gives you a range of additional features like voicemail, call waiting and voicemail to email.

One of the advantages of SIP Trunking is the ability to add one line at time, giving you the flexibility to grow at your own pace without paying for lines you don't need.

Just add any number of IP handsets, supplied by PremTel or an authorised agent and then experience the best rates available today in Australia:

 SIP Trunk Business Rates:PremTel Hosted SIP IP Cordless Handset

  • Talk to us about great rates for SIP trunk lines.. it will be less than you think
  • Untimed Local calls at less than half of conventional rates
  • Untimed National and Regional Calls at unbelievable prices
  • Untimed calls to any Australian mobile on many plans
  • Direct InDial (DID) Block of 10 numbers available for a small additional monthly charge
  • Ask PremTel to supply your IP handsets
  • Get started now, Contact Us to discuss our great offers

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