PremTel’s range of competitive fixed rate plans deliver real value and cost efficiencies to your business, whatever the size of your business.

PremTel Fixed Line Phone plans utilise both Telstra and Optus technologies.

We are able to guide you through each plan and explain the different call types and benefits of all the avaialble technologies comprising PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN 10/20/30, VoDSL, Mulitline 10/20/30, analogue and digital lines. You wish to consider SIP trunks or Hosted IP phone systems too.

  • PABX Handset BasicFor a Business with LESS than 10 Phone Lines or 10 handsets in your phone system, ask our friendly team about:
    Bold  Plans
    Intelligent  Plans
  • For a Business with MORE than 10 Phone Lines or 10 handsets in your phone system, ask our professional team about:
    Razor  Plans
    Optimum  Plans
  • Special Offer on Customised Multiline 10+ Plans

  • Special PremTel UNLIMITED Business Success Capped Fixed Line Plans for PSTN and ISDN2

All of these "conventional" phone line plans are very robust and reliable and when coupled with PremTel's expertise, great call rates and super-reduced line rental, we promise to provide a refreshing, cost effective solution for your business, guaranteed. Contact Us.

So call us now for a refreshing surprise...