At Premtel, we have a unique interest to assist "Not For Profit" and Charitable organisations in Australia to save money on their phone accounts, get good honest advice on all your telecommunications requirements and also deliver brilliant local Australian support.


At PremTel, we understand many or your organisations special needs:
- To save money to better help the local community
- With legal requirements to always be available via phone
- To have special "custom-built" mobile phone plans to suit mobile and executive staff with email and smartphone requirements
- To have special "custom-built" fixed wire phone plans as part of your unique association or membership sector, with calls to your own mobile staff and other members
- The method of decision-making with board and executive committees

If you are a church, community-based organisation, golf club, special needs provider or welfare-focussed community group...then let's talk..

Our PremTel team can build unique phone solutions to incorporate all aspects of your telecommunication requirements with special plans and strategies for your association. No Problem.

We would be pleased to offer our services to your NFP or Charity sector organisation, either directly or through one our specialist dealers or agents.

For refreshing solutions for your community group, please call

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