Need the best broadband on offer?
Then you need fully-managed PremTel SHDSL delivered by copper, Ethernet or fibre or fixed wireless.

SHDSL is ultra-reliable for high speed data, with unlimited data upload and download and will not be throttled back. 

» Speed is guaranteed «
» 1:1 contention ratio is guaranteed «
» Quality Of Service is assured (QOS) «
» Fully Managed router on-site support «
» Unlimited Up and Download «
* Up to an amazing 400M/400M Speed *

All PremTel SHDSL has a contention ratio of 1:1. This means that you are the ONLY user on this connection. You do NOT share with any other user in your area, outside of your business.

Our PremTel SHDSL services are designed for high-reliability operations, specifically for businesses that utilise large amounts of data for processing orders, tracking equipment, secure financial transactions, cloud-based servers or high integrity video calls. This is also suitable for high traffic voice calls via SIP trunk lines or VoIP calls between company offices and call centres.

SHDSL and Fibre Plans are designed by PremTel, specifically for your office or offices in each location.
All data and/or voice on your own VPN is Free between your own offices

If you have a business with over 20 employees, and over 20 PCs in your office and rely on your internet connection to do your daily business operations, then this is a "MUST HAVE".

This really is the best.

Refreshing solutions that work..PremTel is your premium provider.

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